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The 521 Studio is located in the heart of Phoenix’s downtown warehouse district within a historic paper distribution building. The renovation sought to maintain the building’s integrity and gritty vibe while allowing for an open and collaborative working environment. Among many uninhabited warehouses in the area, the additional challenge in renovating this space was to allow other businesses to envision the possibilities of a work environment within the historic area and drive future economic development. Wood bow trusses were enhanced through silicon blasting, the masonry block was left exposed and the existing concrete floors were preserved — complete with yellow parking stripes, all to maintain the impressive history and character of the building. A new main entrance on the north side of the building activates the façade and alludes to a future adjacent development. Gould Evans is a design firm committed to projects that inspire and enrich the communities where we live, work and play.

While we continue to create solutions that transform our surroundings, engage building occupants, sustain our environment and support our clients’ missions, we have become part of the Valley’s redeveloping urban fabric with our move to the Phoenix Warehouse District. The renovation of this vacant warehouse building, contributed to the adaptive transition of the district and has also transformed our way of thinking about urban context. We embrace the complexities of our evolving metropolis and are actively engaged in discussions regarding the next iteration of Arizona’s unique neighborhoods. As development continues, we want to ensure that a meaningful and authentic sense of place is retained along with the meaningful and authentic culture of Phoenix.




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