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To date will be showing at the Carefree Fine art and Wine festivals 1/18-1/20 and 3/1-3/3, Waterfront Fine Art Festival 2/8-2/10, Wigwam Festival of Arts 2/15-2/17, Fountain Hills Fine Arts Festival 3/8-3/10. Also have one painting that will be exhibiting at the Herberger 3/1-4/30


I have 2 distinct styles, painterly and abstract. For painterly, I will use photos that I have taken to assist with shapes and lines for composition on the canvas, then paint with oils using a brush and a knife. For the abstract, I paint intuitively. I start with freely drawing on the canvas to music. Sometimes I have a specific thought, or memory or image I would like to relay, sometimes I do not. Usually my eyes are closed when I start, it is a dance with the canvas to get intimate with the blank slate, so we can decide on what we will do together. I will swap out my pencil or charcoal with another on occasion. I usually start painting with dark shades, defining shapes and creating form and working towards composition. I will then use a crochet hook or knife to scratch over on the paint or scraping some of it off. I will continue to add layers of paint over it, each a thicker layer then before, continuing to define shape, allowing the previous layers and mark making to peak through. For either style I choose palettes in bright shades of colors. I take photos during the painting process and then work out ideas from a photo editor before making another brushstroke. Work has been described as eclectic, sensual, provocative, vivacious, erotic, whimsical, vibrant, personal, intimate, happy & fun


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