About Phoenix Urban Guide

Phoenix Urban Guide (PUG) is a new destination map that connects Phoenix residents and visitors to cultural destinations, dining, retail and more.

Currently in the BETA (or “puppy” stage), PUG was developed by Artlink Inc. through a ReinventPHX grant in partnership with the City of Phoenix Community & Economic Development Department, the City of Phoenix Office of Arts & Culture, Valley Metro, Downtown Phoenix Inc., and the Phoenix Convention Center.

Collaboration with the Roosevelt Row, Grand Avenue, Central, and Warehouse Arts Districts has been integral to the success of PUG.

Development of PUG is thanks to Ivio Agency, who is happy to call Downtown Phoenix their home.


Users ask:

I want to map out my night, does this site have a way to pin locations I want to see?

Currently Phoenix Urban Guide does not allow users to map out a list of locations that they would like to see, but it is something we would like to implement in the future!

Why do some of the locations have more information listed than others?

All information is provided by the locations themselves, so if you see a location that doesn't have a lot of information feel free to mention it to the location the next time you talk to them! We make every effort to reach out to locations in need of more information on their page but Phoenix is a big city.

When I am on a location and I want to see what is nearby, how can I narrow down my search?

The bottom of location pages show other locations nearby, sorted by distance.

Business/Location Owners ask:

What if my location does not fall under a category listed?

If your business/location does not fall under one of the provided categories, try and select the closest category possible. If you feel a category should be added that better fits your business feel free to let us know on the contact page.

Can you tell me any reason why my business/location would not be accepted on the map?

Currently we are not accepting any business/location located outside of Phoenix, otherwise we're pretty open.

My business/location is located outside of Phoenix, will it still show up on the map?

PUG is strictly for businesses/locations located within the city limits of Phoenix. In the future PUG may expand beyond the city limits but right now businesses/locations outside of Phoenix will not show up on the map. Feel free to fill out a contact form to be notified if/when PUG expands into greater Phoenix.