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The Dodecagon Experience is a visual installation inspired by the work of Pythagoras. The installation is a 40'x40'x12' dodecagon, the same shape you can use to show the ratios in modern musical scales. Video is also presented in ratios, and in this installation it is presented as 6, 4:3 ratio screens that measure 10'x8.5' each. The screens are illuminated from the rear with 6 4200 lumen projectors, that combine to form a 360 degree area with a ratio of 24:3, and a pixel are of 6144x768. The system runs from a single media server. It requires an area of about 100'x100' to setup and 2 20amp circuits for Video and 2 20 amp circuits for sound.


I'm a motion graphic designer and VJ (visual jockey). I mix visuals like a DJ mixes music.


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