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I have a YouTube channel that publishes a weekly video featuring the best of art, fashion, and politics:


The same objects, shapes, and people appear and reappear in our lives – in the chaos of nature and exact structures of man. They are constant but forever formulated in a different composition so as to remain fresh in our perspective. This is the approach to my artwork. I use many of the same themes, objects, and shapes. Yet, I revel in their infinite and sundry arrangements - just as with all things in life.
I work with compasses and straight-edge rulers to achieve perfect lines and circles, then mix in pattern and free-hand drawing to give dimension to the work. Using oils, acrylics, ink, and graphite I try to impart a whimsical spirit into my paintings with subtle allusions to shapes animal, botanical, architectural, human, and machine all in perky and joyful colors. The central goal of my work is to elicit an energized calm, a joyful and whimsical giddiness at the vividness and movement of the work.


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